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Last Night at the Movies

Mary and I watched Soapdish last night on a Netflix disc. We laughed a lot. Afterwards, though, I realized with dismay that anything that funny couldn’t be made today. Good grief, it makes fun of old people in wheelchairs, people who go to dinner theatres, stereotypical women, stereotypical men, transvestites, actors, and the entire audience of daytime television—for starters. Where is the contemporary Soapdish or Blazing Saddles? Half the skits that were on The Carole Burnett Show would be banned today by our super sensitive virtue flaunters Our culture has been taken over by humorless prigs. Or, as ee cummings put it by ladies who live in furnished souls “who are unbeautiful and have comfortable minds.” (Lena Dunham comes to mind.)

Yes, ee cummings was referring to Cambridge ladies who “believed in” Christ and Longfellow but his lines apply perfectly to SJWs who have never heard of Christ or Longfellow.