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You’re Fired! Walmart Robots Are Out of a Job

Walmart's robot

Who knew? It seems that the roving robots Walmart has been hiring for the last five years have not been more efficient than the flesh and blood humans they replaced!

When I wrote here about robots two years ago (Why Robots Scare Me), I did not doubt that they would be more efficient. Certainly they have proven to be more efficient than human workers in many areas of factory production.
But that is obviously not always the case, as Walmart has discovered. They thought the robots they hired to replace human workers in 1,000 of their 4,700 stores would reduce labor costs by keeping track of inventory available on the shelves, as well as inventory available for online ordering—which had increased as a result of COVID-19.

But as a former neighbor of mine (an ex-US Army captain) was fond of saying, “‘Assume’ makes an ass of you and me.” As it turns out it is more cost-effective to rely on human workers even though more of them may need to be hired.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Walmart CEO John Furner also wondered if customers might not react negatively to encountering the six-foot-tall machines patrolling the aisles, getting in their way. Well, I guess so!  It’s bad enough having to dodge the automated floor cleaners (which they do not intend to get rid of). My advice to Walmart is to keep the robots in the back room—counting cash, stocking shelves there, whatever else they’re capable of doing. I’d much rather encounter a human worker, who, if politely asked, would gladly hand me that can of taco sauce off the high top shelf.  A human interaction which is, as they say, beyond price.

One thought on “You’re Fired! Walmart Robots Are Out of a Job

  1. I have only encountered these creatures at the grocery. I believe I said, “excuse me” to one who was in my way. Boy did I feel stupid. Its like saying “I’m sorry” to Alexa. I do it all the time. I suppose we should always be polite no matter who or what we are talking to but… Welcome back to Walmart, humanoid help. I approve in supporting the species.


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