At least for the time being. 

I began writing Hints and Echoes on April 29, 2012. For almost eight years, I’ve held forth here on whatever happened to attract my attention and interest: automatic cars, cursive handwriting, robots, you name it.

Now, however, what is attracting my attention and interest— and time—are subjects that require more intensive study and research than is involved in writing a 500-700 word post. 

Chief among these subjects is a book I am collaborating on. Herb is the author, but some of my journal entries figure prominently in it and so I need to be seriously involved in the process of editing. It is a memoir, tentatively titled Mary, Me, and History, which traces the progress of our own long lives as they are interwoven with the history of the nation. 

And that’s not all—

Also as many of you know, for 20 years I devoted many volunteer hours to a historic house museum in New York City, where I eventually became the Museum historian and wrote a book about what domestic life was like for the occupants of that Museum during the middle years of the 19th century. 

There were six daughters in the family. Four of them never married and continued to live in the house until the last one died almost 100 years after she had been born in the upstairs bedroom. For years I walked among their ghosts and wondered what life was really like for them.

My interest in the Victorian woman in general has continued since those days and I have become convinced that there is more to the story about the Victorian woman in general than we are accustomed to hearing.

Maybe, God willing, I will write something profound about that subject.

But in the meantime, since there are only 24 hours in the day and we must eat and sleep, although I think it would be great if we didn’t need to do either, I find that something must give.

I may check in from time to time to write about our progress on Herb’s book and what I’m thinking about the Victorian woman.

It says here 137 people follow hintsandechoes and get the posts in their email. I want to thank all of you for your interest and for listening!

I can always be reached through the website of our publishing company http://girandolebooks.com

14 thoughts on “

  1. I know whatever project you and Herb embark on will be original, thought-provoking, and fun. Looking forward to reading your collaborative effort!


  2. Sending you ALL THE BEST as you pursue your new projects!

    Sounds as if you two are very happy in the new digs – with hugs, Anthony



    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I really appreciate your reading what I write! And I definitely will write something–dont yet know what— about the Victorian Womanl. I’ll let ou know.


  3. It has been a great time with you. We’ve agreed more than not, and especially with the cursive writing issue.
    When I began my blog in March 2013, I was so ready to publish twice a month. Then the reality of memories and recall and research became obvious.
    The stories got longer and better (I thought); and I was spending more time with details.
    I also was reading many more blogs of Followers. More time.
    At times I want to go away from it all. Then, while shaving, I have an idea. And thoughts to notes to writings and you know how it goes.
    So, I wish you well in the adventure. I’ll be watching for you.


    1. Thank you, James! I’ve enjoyed your blog as well. I remember the first post of yours I read about the advantages of a front porch or maybe it was the front porch swing. You remember?? Yes, I do know what you mean –“way leads on to way.” Do keep writing.


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