Flying Solo—Again

Herb’s easel calls; he’ll be spending most of his time painting and also posting in a separate blog titled “Paintings and Poems.” The first post is up. Go here if you’d like read it.

As for me: this blog made its debut on May 3, 2012. One of our colleagues at the Merchant’s House Museum had died prematurely and I wanted to publicly acknowledge the contribution she had made to the Museum. It occurred to me that I could do that if I had a blog . . . .

Since then there have been 242 posts, about any number of topics, some of them contributed by Herb who joined me two years ago. They’re all still here—tucked away in the archives, retrievable by category in the right sidebar. Almost all of the posts have had to do with the way the past affects our present lives as well as what’s coming in the future. And that’s why the blog is called “Hints and Echoes.”

When you reach a certain age (and by 2012 I had certainly reached it) you begin to see the truth of Shakespeare’s observation “What’s past is prologue,” as you look back and see how the events of your own life fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s remarkable, really.

Tomorrow begins the new chapter of observations. I hope you’ll join me. Sign up above if you want to receive the posts in your email. And join the conversation. Just click “leave a comment,” and we’ll talk.

5 thoughts on “Flying Solo—Again

  1. Hi Mary, I want to continue getting Hints and Echos, as in the past, your wisdom is a guide….I love it and you. Hope you get this message. I frequently want to reply but can’t figure out the directions.

    Love, Shary




    1. Hi, Shary! Wonderful to hear from you. I see that I need to clarify the instructions for replying. This digital world really confounds me. I’ll see what I can do. I love knowing you are out there listening! I hope you’ll be able to comment! You need to look somewhere at the top of the page where it says “comment” or maybe lists the number of comments. Click there and a window will open for you to type in. Are you still south of the border???


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