Daughter Sarah, s-i-l Steven Alper, and their adult grand provide musical accompaniment for these observations. Just click the arrow.

When I sent my grandson an Amazon gift card for his birthday,  I received an email thank you. The first line reads: “I got your card in the mail. (You’re so old-fashioned.)”

Yes, I am.

Let me count the ways:

1. There’s no TV in our house.

2. I still write letters (to two people), and send all greeting cards, notes of condolence, and thank you’s by mail.

3. I write in a consistent cursive hand.

4. I prefer paper books (real books) to e-books.

5. I still pay bills by writing checks.

6. My taste in “popular” music runs to Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Glen Miller, Nat King Cole, Ben Webster and the like.

7. I don’t drive, not because I’m slow to react , which I probably am. Truth is except for a brief period, I’ve never driven because it always scared me.

8. Like all old geezers since the beginning of time, I think the young uns, as a group, have run off the rails.

9.. A lot of the music in my house comes from our large vinyl collection.

10. I’m patriotic and proud of it.

That’s ten. Now in my defense, here are ten ways I’m “with it.”

1. I have a smart phone. True, I only use it to summon Uber, buzz in the FedEx deliveries to my building (we don’t have a door man), and occasionally text a youngun to whom even email is so yesterday.

2.  I buy almost everything online—even groceries, with the exception of produce and things that need refrigeration.

3. Though I don’t do online banking, I use the computer to check my credit card statement from time to time to make sure the bad guys aren’t messing with it and my bank activity to see what checks have cleared.

4. I’ve co-authored two books that were published using POD. And if you don’t know what that is, Google it.

5. Does email count? Of course I have it, and am insulted when people ask me if I do. Doesn’t everybody?

6. I have a robot vacuum cleaner.

7. We own an Epson MovieMate and watch movies (admittedly many of them “old movies”) and some TV series.

8. I don’t read newspapers; I get my news from the internet.

9. I see great potential in the young people I know personally and their friends. I understand that their ways are not my ways. I’m coming around to accepting their love of video games, for instance, though I do worry that the addictive nature of all things digital deprives them of time to develop their natural talents and their true nature.

10. Although there are tremendous gaps in my knowledge of the computer, I can use it to do what’s important to me. I’m communicating with you via this blog, am I not?

However on balance, my grandson is probably right.

If we were to explore this subject more deeply, I’m pretty sure I’d qualify as old fashioned. But fortunately, Herb has agreed “to stay old fashioned with me.”