A Thanksgiving Prayer

This is the prayer I post every Thanksgiving. I wrote it when grandson #3 was a little boy. We still say it at our Thanksgiving table.

May your hearts be filled with gratitude this Thanksgiving.


Dear God,

At this time of Thanksgiving, we thank you for our many blessings:

We thank you especially for our family and our happy homes.

We thank you for giving us all the food we need and want to eat.

We thank you for nice clothes, a comfortable bed, hot water, and a warm house.

We thank you for doctors who help make us well when we are sick.

We thank you for teachers who help us learn.

We thank you for the precious gifts of our talents.

We thank you for music, paintings, and books.

We thank you for our country—for the brave men who had the idea for our nation in the first place, and for the brave men and women who fight for our freedoms and to protect us from our enemies.

God bless us all. Help us always to do the right thing and to be grateful every day.


10 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Prayer

  1. Dearest Herb and Mary, and cousins Sarah and Elly….wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and remembering the Thanksgivings soooooo long ago eating pheasant and turkey at Herb and Mary Ellen’s. Herb always had a lovely prayer as well. I remember the beautiful table. All my favorite people. And feeling very happy and loved. I am grateful to have such a wonderful family. May God Bless You All!


  2. Thank you for sharing this Thanksgiving Prayer, Mary. We pray a similar one. May God bless you to overflowing. Dan and Kathy

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    1. Thank you, Kathy! We are having Thanksgiving a day late to accommodate all family members getting together at one place or another. Certainly enough blessings for a whole year! Herb joins me in sending our holiday greetings.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary and Herb! The next time you are out here visiting Elly and family, I would love to drive down to Eugene for a visit!


    1. I’m afraid our days of cross country fights are behind us. Elly comes to us now. I would love to see you, for sure. If your travels ever take you this way–elly will tell you where to find us! I’ll never forget your kindness to her. It is a thing I am grateful for this thanksgiving and all year long.


  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer. I hope you don’t mind that I recite a little of it during our Thanksgiving meal! I will of course acknowledge the author! Happy Thanksgiving Mary and Herb! Fondly, Sam 11/20/18


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