Deliver Us from Contempt


Mary’s first cup is black. That’s all she requires. It matters not if it is or isn’t decaf or is or isn’t flavored, or how With_Coffeeit’s ground. I am currently drinking an equal mixture of Dunkin Donut’s original brand and Summatra dark roast. She regards my finickiness about my coffee with faint, gentle, spousal contempt.

After breakfast, I checked the blogs and learned that George Will has called Trump “a “Vesuvius of mendacities.” That has a nice Wodehouseian lilt, but Will is too exceedingly filled with contempt to bring off the Wodehouseian light fantastic. Further reading confirms that nothing has changed since yesterday. The Left is still exceedingly contemptuous of the right, and the Right of the left. Alas.

After my daily dose of political recriminations, I opened my Bible, something I do every day after breakfast. (How this unusual habit came about is for a post on another day.) Sufficient unto this day is that my Bible fell open to Psalm 123.

I see no metaphysical significance to this. In the immortal words of Cole Porter, “It’s just one of those things. / Just one of those crazy things.”

Psalm 123 is short-four verses. I quote the last two:

3. Have mercy upon us, O Lord have mercy upon us; for we are exceedingly filled with contempt.

4. Our soul is exceedingly filled with the scorning of those that are at ease and with contempt for the proud.

It fits. The Right is filled with contempt for the proud politicians and snotty media types who are at ease in the swamp. And the Left is filled with contempt for those of us—the “deplorables,” the “lazy POS’s,”—whom they deem lacking in “Uplift, Vision, and Breadth of Mind.”

O Lord have mercy upon us.

One thought on “Deliver Us from Contempt

  1. Amen! I will work at cleansing my soul of contempt. Not an easy task. It comes so naturally to me. Now, do tell about the “Bible before Breakfast.” Maybe if we all took to the practice, it might help rid us of scorn and contempt!


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