Since the last time we posted here, we’ve made some major changes in our lives.  Most important, we’ve moved out of the City. I know, I know. . . I’ve written here and here and here about how much I love living in New York City. And I still do love all those attractions I wrote about, but for a number of reasons we decided it was time to move on.

So here we are now—transported to the Fleetwood section of Mount Vernon, which the NY Times  has called “the best kept secret in Westchester County.” Fleetwood seems more like a small town than a suburb although it is only 28 minutes by train to the belly of the beast (Grand Central Station) and better yet, Uber services the area, so we can easily visit the Met when we need to.04LIVING-FLEETWOOD-slide-HB9V-superJumbo

This may be the best of all possible worlds. We’ll see.

There are no high-rise buildings here—not yet. Nothing above eight stories, but several 15-16 story apartment buildings are under construction. Developers are counting on the rising costs of rent in the City enticing residents to move north. Many people here regret these plans, but 16 stories is a far cry from the 100-plus stories of the super-tall buildings now going up in Manhattan—buildings so tall they not only cast unwelcome shadows but crush the spirit.

We can look out our second-story window, over the tree tops and the one-story buildings nearby, across the distant Parkway to the chimney pots of the mid-rise buildings far beyond. We can actually watch the sun rise from our living room window (and sometimes we do).

The people on the sidewalk below never seem to hurry, even though some of them are surely on their way to the railroad station two blocks away, where trains leave at a time certain. They strike me as people at peace with their environment, as are we.

The art deco building we live in was built in 1930, and our apartment has been scrupulously and sensitively restored, retaining original details where possible. We’ve upsized and now have two bedrooms—and two baths! Herb uses a bedroom for his studio and I have an office in the eat-in portion of the eat-in kitchen. In other words, we have plenty of room to work in, so we’ll post here regularly. We hope you’ll follow along and join the conversation.

P.S. FROM HERB: So we have gone from a co-op in Manhattan to a rental in Mount Vernon, and at the ages of 86 and 87, are unpacking our past, reorienting our priorities, rejuvenating our ambitions, and setting off (slowly, being careful not to stumble) for “fresh woods and pastures new.”