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Let Them Eat Burgers!

I learned a new word while reading, The Vanishing American Adult by Ben Sasse: “adulting.” He explains that when some young people who are chronological adults pay bills or do the laundry, etc., they say they are “adulting,” in other words, only playing the role of an adult, a mode of behavior requiring humorous detachment.

Then I read about the graduate students at Yale who went on a “hunger strike,” with breaks for burgers and fries. And then—they just keep coming—I read about the pre-soiled jeans Nordstrom is selling for $425. Presumably the marks in this con game (What else would you call it?) are those SJWs who would like to identify with fictional “real folks” without finding it necessary to actually work like “real folks.”

I am reminded of the Hameau de la Reine, the Hamlet of the Queen, the queen being Marie Antoinette; the hamlet, the play village she had constructed on the grounds of Versailles where she and her girl friends could play like they were deplorables when they tired of being aristocrats. Here she is in the outfit she wore when playing like she was a milkmaid. . .the equivalent of today’s distressed jeans.

And here is a portion of the Queen Hamlet.

The following related poem is from Did You See This? Poems to Provoke the Politically Correct by Herbert Knapp, where  you will find similar fare.


We used to say that boys were boys

and men were men. No more.

Today men and boys alike are “dudes.”

Sometimes even girls are “dudes.”


So what? Well, that’s what I thought, too,

’till I remembered not so long ago

dudes were city folks in cowboy duds

who spent a week or two just playing-like.


And so is dubbing everyone a “dude”

a dodgy way to say that none of us

is being fooled, that all of us

know the cowboys all have gone away

and that the ranch today

is run by people who are playing-like?

5 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Burgers!

  1. Herb Ole Mate….. these snowflakes today would not have lasted 48 hours in 1938!!! Keep priming the pump!!!

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  2. You have captured the times well indeed. I’ve had similar thoughts, but you’ve expressed them far better than I could. It seems as though “all the world’s a stage” indeed! ~~And just for the record, the word “adulting” sets my teeth on edge.


    1. Thanks,Sydney! Mary tells me of the valiant effort you are making to bring sense to the truly senseless political climate. Keep it up!


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