I So Hoped They’d Invent This!

The Family Hub Refrigerator
The Family Hub Refrigerator

And Samsung did: the Family Hub Refrigerator! It has built in cameras that take a photo of the interior every time the doors close. The most recent photo appears on your camera. Thus we are relieved of the onerous responsibility of looking in the refrigerator before we go to the store to make sure we have enough butter or eggs.

And that’s not nearly all. You can write messages and reminders on your phone that will appear on the 21.5-inch touch screen on the refrigerator door. I suppose that you can take a picture of your kid’s artwork, pin it to the refrigerator screen and throw the real thing away. Less clutter.

And Samsung hasn’t thought of this, but you can keep a sharp eye on the leftovers wherever you may be and the minute they start showing that fuzzy stuff that indicates they’ve done their time, you can move in immediately to liberate them.

One problem though: At around $5000, it’s more than I’m comfortable spending on a refrigerator. And it doesn’t come in a 24-inch model, which is all the kitchen real estate I can devote to a fridge.

7 thoughts on “I So Hoped They’d Invent This!

  1. This is so geeky. And you know that thing is not going to work. One more broken thing to ignore. I guess it is human nature to explore all the possibilities but eventually it does occur that it is easier and saves time to just walk to the post office, mail the damn letter, pick up a few things at the store and come home. This can all be done in the time it takes to remember your password, restart your computer because it crashed and wrestle with inputing your credit card number because the last one expired. Let me just say, however, that I am very grateful for the advances in technology. But this refrigerator seems silly.

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    1. One of the big concerns voiced in the reviews of this product is the uncertainty of being able to count on Samsung to do whatever it is you do to keep the software current. Any computer geek out there who cares to predict how this might play out?


  2. I think I was six years old when I learned that just because you CAN do a thing doesn’t mean you need to do a thing. I guess this might come in handy if you were in the store and can’t remember if you have eggs. Anyone thinking of buying this should contribute $5,000 to food for the homeless.

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  3. And what about malefactors hacking in, reposting old photos so that you never know you ran out of eggs and putting pornographic images on the touchscreen and raising the temperature inside the fridge and sending Nigerian prince scam emails from the fridge’s email address!

    Still waiting for the iceman,

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    1. I have no idea. But the refrigerator is connected to the internet somehow (“the internet of things”) in order to be able to send updates to the phone. Anything exposed to the internet could potentially be compromised by a malicious third party.

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