‘Tis the Season—to Get Mail!

IMG_2298These days a hand-addressed envelope hardly ever appears in the mailbox—until the month of December. Then suddenly, the first Christmas card arrives, and every single day has the potential of bringing one or two more as friends reach out over the miles and sometimes the distance of many years to reaffirm our connection to one another. Some are from family and recent friends who seem to say “I’m glad you are in my life now.” Some include personal notes, some longer letters, and even photos of friends who look a little older this year and children and dogs I’ve never met.

They are all reminders of some part of my life’s journey and I love every one of them—including those from the dry cleaners, the tax accountant, and the audiologist.

xmas greeting & signature


8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season—to Get Mail!

  1. I love them all too. This year we got Christmas cards from all the schools Sam has applied to! Wow. Some have hand written messages from the admission counselors he interviewed with. I am guilty this year of not sending one out. I may have to do a belated one. Happy February? Merry Ground Hog Day. Oh, forget it. We will have to do an extra good one next year. Hope no one takes us off their list!


  2. I could not help but add a Bah Humbug comment.
    Yes, it is nice when one receives a personal piece of mail at anytime these days. I usually receive holiday cards the final two or three days just before Christmas and can’t help but think they were sent only to reciprocate having received a card from me.
    Upon looking to purchase my cards this year I was aghast to see that a box of cards today not only contains less cards, but is double the cost it used to be for a box of 20 and no longer includes even the one extra envelope. That, in addition to the increase in postage, could result in the phasing out of the age old tradition of sending Holiday cards and be replaced with E-Cards instead.

    And what about all the catalogs and e-mails with holiday discount offers that flood both our mailbox and Inbox at this time of the year; not to mention the craziness one is faced with in the stores !!

    Have we truly lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas?


  3. Oh dear Suzanne. I can see that you are not in the mood for the whole thing this year. Me neither. I hope your reason is not as good as mine. I have noticed that we are receiving a disturbing number of cards from persons who provide medical services of one kind or another. Our new pain doctor has sent one which has Santa conducting a yoga class with the rain deer. And that was the most amusing moment of the day. And yet, I do love to receive those cards with pictures of grandchildren I have never seen and selfies taken on the Great Wall of China.. It lets me know that for one moment out of this year, a person somewhere has remembered what we once meant to each other, and they are not quite ready to let that go. And as an added bonus you can see that there are still people in the word who can address an envelope in cursive hand writing.

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  4. I have lists back to 1973. Some additions; some deletions. Some not remembered, except by name. I have sent 52 cards this year, tring to use up all the postage stamps that I have accumulated, For me, it is not a chore but a kind of game, for fun.


    1. I agree, James. I enjoy sending cards as well as receiving them! I don’t have old lists—wish I did. I do have samples of the cards we sent back to 1991. And we have Herb’s family cards from the 20s forward—all drawn by his mother.


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