A Valentine Story

2000px-Heart_corazón.svgOne of our many neighbors recently buttonholed Herb in the elevator and asked him if he would consent to be interviewed for a video she was helping her son make for his high school English class, which was researching “The key to happiness.”  He said he would (how could you not?) and when the elevator deposited them in the lobby, she escorted him to the little niche where the mail boxes are, and . . .”Roll ’em!”

He dutifully gave his name, his age, and revealed that he thought the key to happiness was to have a person who loved you.

“Oh! the woman squealed. That’s sooooooo good!”

I hope the kid gets an “A.”

3 thoughts on “A Valentine Story

  1. Oh Herbie should be so happy because he has many who love him. Kind of like caviar–an acquired taste, but once you’re hooked, wonderful. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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