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I have been absent from blogging because I am immersed in the writing of  a book about the history of The Merchant’s House Museum, and I don’t seem to do very well dividing my focus!  The work in progress follows the book published last spring, which was the story of the House when it was a family residence. Old houses over a hundred years old do not keep standing without a great deal of intervention and care. How the Merchant’s House was saved from the ravages of time and the willful destruction of man is a unique tale in the annals of historic preservation and I am eager to tell it. For today, I am turning to our friends at the Landmarks Conservancy to  pinch hit  for the blog. This is their latest episode of the “Tourist in Your Own Town” series.

The image that comes to mind when you think of the Great Depression of the 1930s is probably that of defeated men in shabby overcoats standing in a soup line. That was the sad reality of the time. Yet something else was happening then—a miracle that still stands at the heart of our great city.