2002.0341Parlor of the Seabury Tedwells’ country home Rumson, New Jersey. The exterior of the colonial farmhouse, purchased by Seabury in 1832, is pictured in the heading at the top of the page.

The cholera epidemic that hit New York City In June of 1832 must have been a motivating factor in Seabury Tredwell’s purchase of his New Jersey country estate in September of that year.

It is possible that the Tredwells decamped to the old homestead in Long Island, which had been inherited by Seabury’s brother, to wait it out. But they had six children then, and I think Seabury might have reasoned that his family needed a refuge of their own in case New York were to be visited by cholera again. (It was—in 1849 and 1866).